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Founder & Executive Director

ARTOFFICIAL creates and presents material for the organization that empowers young women to have a positive body image, process making improvement, and remarkable character.

ARTOFFICIAL founded in 2019 by Lashundra Easton, who heart reached out to developed a mentor program to inspire young women to follow dreams, become leaders in the beauty industry, and create their own definition of beauty regardless of their past or present struggles.She travels presenting workshops and motivational seminars. Her personal battle with PCOS disorder serve as the building blocks for her work and passion for young women. She has been active in community service mentoring youth at "Youth Villages" as long she can remember. Lashundra speaks transparently about her challenges, how she overcame them, proactivity parents can provide, and skills to develop confidence in young women.

Developing Beauty - A woman's beauty is her character. Our genuine desire is to build up an empire of women who are filled with creative abilities, beauty and are known for their remarkable character. Developing Beauty gives women practical tools and lessons to grow their character. Activities, 1-on-1 makeup and discussion ,learning how to make cosmetics, and frame the workshop.


We get it.

You want products that make you look and feel like a Mogul.

That’s why we created LaShun cosmetics.

We know you isn’t just “anybody.”

A woman in control of her destiny.

When you walk in the room you own it and they know it.

You command attention and ya isn’t afraid to show it! 


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